“Voltage Electrical Installation and Repair Construction” LLC has successfully achieved the conclusion of many contracts of private and state importance and the implementation of work.

About us

“Voltage Electrical Installation and Repair Construction” LLC was registered 05.09.2016 on registration of an extract from the State Register of commercial legal entities of the Baku Tax Department under the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The company carries out its activities on the basis of the permission of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to “Construction and installation works of buildings and structures for the construction of which permission is required”.

Our area of expertise

“Voltage Electrical Installation and Repair Construction” LLC over the years of its operations, Construction LLC has completed numerous significant contracts for the private and public sectors and carried out work effectively. Our company’s primary activities include power supply, transformer installation, electrical panel supply and installation, building electrical installation and adjustment, power pole and lighting system installation, electrical cable line installation and supply.

Designing and Consulting

Our engineers are specialists who genuinely enjoy what they do. They have extensive experience in research, analysis, and design for any project, as well as drawing preparation, design assistance.

Supply and Installation Service

For public and commercial enterprises' power supply, construction and installation services are provided for high and low-voltage overhead lines, power transmission lines, and substations.

The Annual Technical Support Service

Technical support services such as lighting, high and low voltage, mechanical work, transformer, electrical panels, cable laying, etc. are provided by a qualified team working on the project.

Our Partners

Being sensitive to environmental protection, we consider compliance with the requirements of the International Environmental Management Standard a priority and require all our partners to comply with these requirements.

Projects we have implemented

We know that customer satisfaction is a priority and realizing the responsibility of the project we execute the task on time, without blunders and at a level that fulfills the client.