About us

“Voltage Electrical Installation and Repair Construction” LLC commenced its operations. In a short amount of time, our company has implemented numerous public and private projects, achieving partnership with important businesses. We can easily handle electrical installation projects of any size because of the knowledge and expertise of our youthful, dynamic workforce in addition to our seasoned and competent experts.

Customer satisfaction is our top goal, and we take responsibility for every project we work on, ensuring that it is completed on schedule, error-free, and to the pleasure of the client.

Our objective is to provide customers with comprehensive services by utilizing the most up-to-date technology and methods in the world in the field of electric installation in Azerbaijan. Because of this, our team frequently attends trainings and updated its understanding of contemporary engineering and building technology.

“Voltage Electrical Installation and Repair Construction” LLC has the ability to handle all project-related tasks from start to finish. We treat every project as though it were our own, working as a team with the customer.

We are mindful of the need for the best possible quality as well as the timely completion of projects and their delivery procedure. We place equal importance on worker safety and environmental protection. We demand that our partners follow the International Environmental Management Standard and environmental protection regulations in addition to our own.

The technical control department is in charge of supervising the production of metal structures. The division is capable to the administration for the nature of every metal item. At each stage of production, as well as at the entry and exit of each unit of the production cycle, control over the execution of tasks is exercised. Subsequently, the most common way of assembling metal designs or every individual item finishes with an extensive control of the welds and joints of its construction utilizing ultrasound.

There are 26 vehicles owned by the company and warehouses on the basis of execution contracts. The team currently employs 135 people. During the last 6 years of its activity, the company has implemented many successful projects in the fields of electrical installation and repair construction. The company copes with electrical installation projects of any size thanks to the knowledge and skills of experienced and professional engineers, including young and dynamic staff.

The main field of activity consists of power supply, installation of transformers, electrical panels, electrical installation and debugging in buildings, power poles and lighting systems, installation of electrical cable lines, supplyetc.

“Voltage Electrical Installation and Repair Construction” LLC also cooperates with companies operating in the public and private sectors and successfully participates in landscaping and large-scale urban planning projects in liberated regions. To confirm the reliability and quality of the work performed, as well as the fact that the production process meets the established requirements and norms, the company received ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certificates and successfully passed regular inspections and received positive feedback.

Our Corporate Values

Our goal

Following our short and long term strategy, to become one of the leading companies in the field of construction and electrical installation in Azerbaijan and to go beyond the borders of Azerbaijan by constantly developing the company.

What services does “Voltage Electrical Installation and Repair Construction” LLC provide to its customers?

In expansion to electrical establishment work, we have such a field of movement as the fabricate of presentsorts of electric lighting posts and structures.

What production areas does the company currently have and does it intend to create new production areas?

As I specified, we are as of now creating advanced electric lighting shafts and structures. The modern generation region will incorporate the generation of Park-Garden (field and space) and yard sports gear, the generation of flat and vertical plant and plant hardware from plastic fabric, the generation of 35-110-220 kw stay underpins and the development of a hot galvanizing workshop. 

“Voltage Electrical Installation and Repair Construction” LLC too contributed to the advancement of Baku City. What ventures has the company executed within the metropolitan region? In common, what imperative open and private ventures has the company taken an interest in in Baku and other domains so distant? 

As a contribution to the improvement of “Voltage Electrical Installation and Repair Construction” LLC signed contracts with “Baku Landscaping Service” LLC starting from 2020, carried out the installation of lighting poles on the streets with a total length of more than 100 km in the settlements of Baku and handed them over to the customer. As a continuation of the work, according to the contract concluded with “Baku Landscaping Service” LLC in 2023, the supply and installation of light poles in connection with street lighting and its power supply in Baku City, surrounding villages and settlements, Absheron district and Mingachevir city was carried out. Our society takes an active part in the reconstruction works in the Karabakh region, under the concluded contracts, during the construction of Ahmadbeyli-Horadiz-Minjivan-Agband highway, tunnel, camping, asphalt and concrete power plants and concactor Power Supply located between the 112th and 118th km of the “Kalyon” company, “Kolin Construction Tourism Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company” with the: 51+000-77+000 part and km of Victory Highway: 51+000-101+000 the project construction of a part of the camp located on the territory of the power supply works, “Cengiz Construction Industry and Trade” A.C. Azerbaijani branch and removal of 35 kv supports belonging to “AZERISHIQ” OJSC from the section of the Horadiz–Shusha road passing through Dashalti areacarried out the work on lighting the road within the project of construction of the new highway Baku-Guba on the state border with the Russian Federation at a high level and handed over to the opposite side.

Where do you get the equipment required for the development of your projects? Which companies of foreign countries do you cooperate with in order to purchase equipment?

“Voltage Electrical Installation and Repair Construction” LLC mainly acquires the equipment required for the development of projects from Turkey, China and Russia.


What modern innovations and strategies existing within the world within the field of Electrical Installation have the company connected in Azerbaijan?

 Our company uses the latest new innovation strategies accessible in the world within the field of electrical establishment inside the system of vitality taken a toll reserve funds calls. Establishment of solar-powered “Solar Panels” in warming, lighting of houses, “LED Solar” plafons for lighting parks, boulevards and thruways is carried out by our pros at a tall level. These modern advances and strategies have been connected for the primary time by our company in Azerbaijan, and sun powered boards have been introduced in recently built houses in Lachin. As a continuation of these works, it is arranged to introduce “LED-sun” lighting plafons inside the system of the “BARDA-Aghdam Automobile” Street Lighting Venture. 

What projects has “Voltage Electrical Installation and Repair Construction” LLC implemented or intended to carry out in Karabakh and East Zangazur economic regions over the past period?

During the period since the victory of our army, our company has participated in many projects in the Karabakh and East zangazur economic regions. After effectively completing the work we have done inside the system of these ventures, we given them over to customers. We will say many of these ventures. “During the development of Ahmadbeyli-Horadiz-Minjivan-Agbandhighway, “Kalyon” company 112th km – 118th km burrow, camping, black-top and concrete power plants and concacor control supply works, “Kolin Construction Tourism Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company” with the agent office within the Republic of Azerbaijan Ahmadbeyli-Fuzuli-Shusha car km:

51+000-77+000 part and km of Victory Highway: 51+000-101+000 the project” construction of a residential and non-residential buildings in the city of Lachin carried out the work on the electricity supply of the camp located on the territory and handed over to the opposite side at a high level. At present, in the city of Lachin, “Azersu” OJSC is carrying out power supply works for the construction of artesian wells and pumping stations.

How “Voltage Electrical Installation and Repair Construction” LLC does ensure customer satisfaction?

Our company guarantees work, services, goods that are products of its own production on a contractual basis. If any shortcomings or inconsistencies arise during the warranty period, they are eliminated under the terms of the contract. We always prefer the principle of satisfying the customer.

It is known that the failure to fully ensure security in our liberated territories due to the hatred of Armenians may cause some obstacles to the reconstruction work. From this point of view, does the implementation of projects in the territories create any problems for you?

The beginning of the second Karabakh War, the liberation of our lands under enemy occupation for almost 30 years by our victorious army under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-chief and the return of our IDPs to their native lands opened a wide platform for us entrepreneurs to pay their civic duty. The mines installed by the hated Armenians in our liberated territories are cleaned in parts by Azerbaijan National Agency for MineAction (ANAMA). We, entrepreneurs are also pleased to continue the reconstruction work in these areas.